eCommerce Services

Strategic Advisory Support

  • Advise on platform strategy, investment levels, and objectives 
  • Best-in-class launch plan development
  • Will provide consultation and brokerage with regard to third party distributor management

Dotcom Catalog Management

  • Item Creation
  • Content Development
  • CSP Coordination

Marketing Support

  • Advertising integration
  • Media Services
  • Store Front and Imaging Support


Competitive Analysis

  • Conduct a Competitive Analysis of associated categories 
  •  Conduct audit of competitive brand activity covering content, reviews, promotions, and search 
  • Develop recommendations based on the activity in the category among competitors

Item Creation

  • Consult on costing / retails to retailer best practice and competitive landscape 
  •  Item curation / bundling recommendation to fit landscape Consult on costing / retails to retailer best practice and competitive landscape 
  •  Gathering all data for item creation and supplying client all relevant item information for retailer after creation

Content Development

  • Production of item page development 
  • Work with client to identify the top items to engage in enhanced content
  • Review Client provided copy for search optimization, accuracy and content quality


Meet the Team

Kaity Dye – Director of eCommerce
Sarah Cavin – eCommerce Account Manager
Amanda Tannehill – eCommerce Account & Media Manager
Willey Martinez – eCommerce Account Media Manager
Blake Givens – eCommerce Account & Media Manager
Mira Cary – eCommerce Intern
Reagan Heilman – eCommerce Account & Media Manager

“Right from the first minute on we were impressed with the professionalism and the team spirit brought forth by 5G. Sold at first presentation you could say. 5G has been instrumental in guiding us into the Amazon world and getting us established. We couldn’t have done it without them. They helped us so much with laying the groundwork to be successful on our platforms and we really appreciate them.”

-Loacker, SpA

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